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Project Description
this Sharepoint 2007 solution allow user to add a "google map" custom field on a contact list displaying contact's address in a map.

How to install this solution ?
This solution can be installed as any other Sharepoint solution :
  • stsadm -o addsolution -filename CompletPathToSolution.wsp
  • stsadm -o deploysolution -name GoogleMapsField.wsp -allowgac -immediate -url http://xxxxx (url of your web application)

To work correctly a key provided by google is mandatory. You can generate this key for your site from this url :
Note : Only a free and public user is allowed by the license.

After you have to add this key into your application web.config file in the AppSettings section :
  • <add key="GoogleMapsKey" value="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" />

And the last step : IISRESET

That's all ! you're now able to add a new type of field into you contact List.
To use this control with another list type than Contact list. You just have to add a field named 'Address' on your list.


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